Don’t create needs for yourself and try to serve other people.


England, 42, married

I was born in Haringey and lived in the borough for the first 21 years of my life. It is a place that is full of amazing people. That is what I love most about Haringey: the people, their generosity and the talented young people

I work for ComeUnity and I do it because I want to see lives changed, people doing what they were created to do. Everything is possible for the one who believes

I would encourage future leaders to step out in faith, you just don't know what is inside you or what you are able to do until you step out in faith...and enjoy the journey!!!


I'm the pastor of the Highway Of Holiness Church and I love living in Haringey because it's very rich in cultures and points of view.
I started working with homeless last summer, when two men came to my church and asked for help. I provided them food, which was their most immediate need. After a week taking care of them, I decided to offer my church to sleep, as well. In time, I realised that they couldn't apply for jobs because of their appearance, so I decided to turn one of our toilets into a shower which they could use. It really improved their self-esteem and confidence and made us realise that small things can make such a big difference.
Now, the church has been open to homeless during the whole winter, we've had up to 40 people sleeping in our floor. It's really grateful to see how helping people improve their lives. Some of them got a job and once they earned enough money they rent a flat and leave. We help people to begin a new life providing activities, English lessons and meetings. This work has been the most challenging to date.


Colombia, married (2 children)

I volunteer in Casa de la Salud Hispano Americana, I am in charge of the various workshops we offer related to healthy eating and exercising. Besides helping people from Haringey, in this association we try to educate them too, so they grow comfortable with a healthy lifestyle. We try to prevent diabetes, high cholesterol… The daily problems nobody pays attention to, but which are at the same time cause of the main illness in England. My aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle among the Latin American community in Haringey. Though, at the same, time everybody is welcome to attend our workshops.

I have been living in Haringey for a long time now and I doubt I will leave this borough. There are still a lot of things to do and many lessons to learn from the people living here.


Colombia, married (2 children)

I’m a doctor and I’ve been working in the voluntary sector for more than 10 years. I am the founder and manager of Casa de la Salud Hispano Americana. Haringey has big problems related with health inequalities and our organization is contributing to tackling inequalities in this issue. We provide health advice and information. We also help with the advancement of education in language and communication skills and with the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation.

Working as a volunteer is very important because you can help many people who are in need. But the job that I do in Casa de la Salud Hispano Americana helps me too, because I can develop my skills as a professional. It is a process of everyday learning from each other.
Our country and especially locals need people like us to do the job because volunteers are in extinction. It does not matter where you are from or where you live, next to you there is someone who need you. Give a hand. I chose to help in Haringey, because I love it,
it is my second home, where I have my friends and connections.


Jamaica, married (2 daughters)

I work as a coach in MLB learning solutions. We provide workshops to unemployed people. We teach them how to face interviews, write CVs or even develop a business. We act as a link between them and employers, as well.

It’s very gratifying for me to see how people grow up in confidence and start smiling. Many people come here frustrated and, consequently, unable to solve their problems. Here they share their thoughts and worries and we help them by teaching them how to be self sufficient. They start thinking about what makes them happy and we try to make them feel capable of achieve their goals.

I do this as a vocation to help people to improve their lives. As a Christian, I’m very strong about loving other people, and improve the world as a our home. I believe passionately that what we do is making a difference.
Haringey is a very diverse borough with a strong feeling of community. You go through the market and you see people preparing their own country food or listening to their music, it is just wonderful. Here you can celebrate whatever culture you are from.